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Why I’ve Switched Back to Apple Mail on iPad…

After reading countless articles and looking for a better way to consume email on the iPad, I decided on Accompli, which ultimately became Outlook post Microsoft acquisition. I enjoyed Outlook’s speed, the swiping features and a few other things. After using it for about 2 years on two different iPads, I’ve done something that’s not very technorati acceptable: I’ve returned to Apple Mail.

You may ask why?

There are some key Apple Mail features often overlooked by App reviewers. Conversely, Apple has done things to improve Mail’s interface and functionality. For example, implementing swipes (made famous by the now defunct Mailbox App) has made Mail a more efficient tool. With a bit of tweaking, you make find Mail a better choice than the third party mail clients for iOS.

The features I’ve missed since moving away from Apple Mail:

Auto Outgoing Mail Account: I have a 11 email accounts...

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BMW i3 Driving Impressions #BMWi3

I recently drove the BMW i3 at a test drive event at Seattle BMW. Besides rolling out sandwiches and drinks, the people of BMW brought a fleet of euro-spec i3s to take on a little drive. And by little, I mean quite short!

If you don’t know, BMW have started from the ground up to make the i3 something quite different. It looks different, it’s built differently and it has different values than any other car I’ve seen. By values, I mean that BMW set out with goals very unique to the world of automotive design. They sought sustainability, and recyclability, from raw materials to end-of-life, with a car that’s mostly recyclable. There is no gas-powered engine (although a range-extender BMW Motorcycle engine is an available option to act as a generator), so no fluids to spoil the environment. The car is made out of very different materials: carbon fiber reinforced plastic (made in Moses Lake...

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